Episode 495 Life Lesson

On this episode of Ramble Redhead, I read an article online and it prompted me to talk about it on this episode. It is something that we all are guilty of and hope that we all can get better at this and maybe the world could be a better place if we did.

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3 Responses to “Episode 495 Life Lesson”

  1. Ralph Vendegna Says:

    Yes that has been one of my beefs about religions preach Love one another. Hello They do not Practice it. They act Oh it is just for me. No one teaches a person how to Love. It is a thing in life we have to learn this on our own. I went from church to church. Not anymore. I do not go to any denomination. I learned on my own how to love all people. Learned on my own how to comfort people who are down and out. I also don’t care what a religion says about gay people. I never tell people to trust in “God” that God Loves you. I tell people as an individual I Love you for Who you are.
    My dad never told us kids he loved us until 1 month before he passed away. Mom always told us she loved us. My dad could not except me being gay. I told him I did not care if he excepted it or not. Mom excepted it and never denied me of my feelings for men. She met my partner and excepted him in the family. She lives with both of us.

  2. Mister Jackal Says:

    This has actually been a topic of discussion brought on in several social groups of mine as of late. Living on the “Bible Belt” of Texas, you see more hate than you do love. While you hope that one day people might consider going against the hateful thoughts and realize that their religion is based on a man who sat with the lowliest of society and taught messages of love and compassion, you do also have to accept that people who have been force-fed hate aren’t about to jump off their bandwagons just yet. All you can do is offer them the love and compassion they deny you and hope for the best, I suppose.

  3. Greg Says:

    Thanks for pointing me toward this episode, Tom. Well done.
    I’ve also noticed the date. It might be the exact date that a friend shared Greetings From Nowhere with me, literally to the date or very close.
    Of course, GFN is how I know about your show and so many others, including Secretly Timid. Jon’s question about whether the Pride 48 live show in June would be posted on Secretly Timid’s feed led me to tune into their live show in June so I wouldn’t miss it, which led me to stick around and listen to more. With so much talk in the chatroom about your live episode, I subscribed (and learned how right the room was … interviewing the mayor!).
    This world can be forbiddingly large and empty, but it is also a small and cozy place when we measure it by the connections we make.

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