Episode 414 Interview with Justin Utley

On this episode of Ramble Redhead, I am honored to talk with Justin Utley. He is a very talented guy and I had expected to talk about his life growing up and about his career in music. However most of the show went into a totally different direction but I have to say that I was truly moved by his story and I know you will be too!

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Click here to check out Justin Utley site and listen to his music!

7 Responses to “Episode 414 Interview with Justin Utley”

  1. KCnDen Says:

    Tom! The interview with Justin Utley was AWSOME!! I laughed .. I cried! He also has an amazing singing voice! I must get his CD. And I think I have a little crush on him too! LOL 🙂

  2. fredrick Says:

    He is hot and equally talented (if not more so). His story is unique, and compelling to say the least. Wonderful interview.

  3. PQR82 Says:


  4. Michael Fein Says:

    Hello My Favorite Redhead Ramble:

    I really enjoyed the interview with Justin Utley. I also enjoy the music of Justin Utley that you had played at the beginning and the end of the show. It was a very touching story and I love a piano man. Justin is a very talented musician and we all love the music man. Great Show as you always do Ramble. From, The Good Humor Penquin.

  5. jonathan Says:

    Couldn’t tune in for the live show, but just listened now. Justin has quite the voice. Wonderful to hear something of substance coming from a gay artist other than dance and coffee-house stuff. Touching story with a powerful message. I am definitely a fan.

  6. kyle Says:

    wow i loved the interview with justin he about poured his whole heart out and clearly represented what it is like to grow up and endure deep mormon doctrine. i got choked up a bit when you both got emotional. i was quite amazed at how far he has come in his life despite the great struggles and losses he has endured and now he is doing great things. i loved his music as well. wonderful story and inspiring to see him making a difference out there

  7. John Says:

    I’m catching up on podcasts and just listened to this interview. Wow. I like this guy. Yeah, yeah he’s very good-looking which is nice, but I’m talking more about his character. He seems to be a man of good character from what I could tell from this interview. High five to the both of you.

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