Episode 381 Rambling In Pennsylvania

On this Ramble Redhead, I am working in PA to help cover a territory that has been vacant. I talk about what has been going on and will be posting recaps of my LIVE shows soon!

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One Response to “Episode 381 Rambling In Pennsylvania”

  1. kyle Says:

    loved the podcast! can’t wait to see the headline next week red headed indiana resident shoves hot baked potato up waitresses vagina(alternate version- up waiters rectum) he said that they couldn’t get the damned food right. lol jk. i am with you as far as the way life seems to shit on you sometimes and being frustrated with the little things. some people don’t pick up on that and sort of walk on bye not acknowledging another person’s pain not bothering to extend a hand and offer some encouragement but that has a lot to do with how badly things must be going in their own lives.
    love your show and can’t wait to hear more posts! keep it up.

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