Episode 369 Interview with Harry Towers Part 1

On this episode of Ramble Redhead, I have the honor of talking with the amazing DJ and producer Harry Towers and those are just a few of the many talents of this great man! He talks about his coming out experience with his family and a very touching story on how he met his partner and so much more!

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2 Responses to “Episode 369 Interview with Harry Towers Part 1”

  1. John Q. Public Says:

    Wow! You are three for three – the last three interviews have been particularly good. I really enjoyed listening to Harry and his stories. (I love how he met his partner — it helps to have good legs!)

    I totally agree that you get to spend your money wherever you want. I would not listen to Fox news when I went to my dentist and insisted it be changed each time (the rooms had individual TVs) — finally I got tired of Fox and listening to my dentist talk about his missions — so I got a new dentist.

  2. Chip Says:

    Thanks for an excellent interview, Tom. We need more men like Mr. Towers.

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