Episode 368 Interview with John Ong Part 2

On this episode of Ramble Redhead, I conclude the discussion with John Ong from Ongline Podcast. He is very funny guy and his laugh is so great. He has some great points of view on this show and as usual I ramble on a lot! 🙂

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2 Responses to “Episode 368 Interview with John Ong Part 2”

  1. Graveetas Says:

    Awesome, an interview with another Gaysian Pioneer John Ong. One thing I did fine unsettling was the judgment on a Gay person that chooses as “freestyle” life. If they choose to live a life of promiscuity so be it. I don’t judge someone if they are transsexuals or bisexual, both lifestyles I don’t fully understand, but I won’t judge them with “straight” concepts of morals. A lot of gay men ARE the stereotype you accuse them of. Just like men who choose to stay in the closet. What’s my point? Tolerance! I love all things gay! Margaret Cho said once: Slut Pride Parade! So be it! Like Bathhouses or Closeted Republicans part of the gay culture weather you like it or not. We have to be better than the ones that oppress us with their “Morals”

  2. Andrew Wong Says:

    I enjoyed this episode and I’m glad to be reconnecting to you guys after such a long absence. John’s right about making it work. My story is similar to his.

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