Episode 366 Pissed Off!

On this episode of Ramble Redhead, I tell you more personal stuff and something that happened to me recently.

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4 Responses to “Episode 366 Pissed Off!”

  1. Auntie Vera Charles Says:

    Thank you for the mentions lovie, and I’m so sorry for the shit you’ve been forced to wade through lately.

    Thanks for listening kisses,

  2. JimK in Michigan Says:

    Sorry to hear about your van…that sucks! 🙁


    JimK in Michigan

  3. Matthew @ SBA Says:

    Sadsies about the break in. I never understand that behavior either. Last year we went out and someone had kicked the side of my mother’s car and left a huge dent with a foot print in the middle of it. For what reason? Anyway, I always love the personal shows. Hugs!

  4. LaLaLauren Says:

    Opening the show with poop talk…now you’re podcasting Big Fatty style! I’m sorry about your van. What goes around comes around. Whoever did it will get what’s coming to them. It’s ok that you’re eating meat/fish again. Whatever you think is good for you is what you should do. At least you tried it for a year, and I congratulate you on that. Now you have a new perspective about food, and you’ll be more conscience about what you eat, no matter what it is. You’ve come really far in one year of being veggie, and that’s an accomplishment. It’s a lot farther than most people get. Cheers!

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