Episode 363 Interview with Lawrence Perea from LGBT Change

On this episode of Ramble Redhead, I have the honor of talking with Lawrence Perea who is from an organization called LGBT Change. Recently in Chicago, he was part of a great conference on GLBT issues such as A Conversation on Constructively Engaging the Christian Community; Trans 201 for Queers, or Why Trans Liberation Matters; Direct Action 101; Intro to Social Media: How to Use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for Organizing; Re-gayifying AIDS – Exploring the Intersection between HIV and LGBT Advocacy; Winning Equality through the Democratic Process: Government Lobbying, the who, the how and the why.

Guest speakers included Lt Daniel Choi talking about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and Andy Thayer, Sherry Wolf and Rick Garcia presenting on current hot topics and various strategies as well as highlighting their current work.

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  1. kc55mo Says:

    I’m so glad you brought up the case of Dennis Englehard, the gay highway patrolman who was killed and none of whose benefits went to his partner, Kelly Glossip. It is outrageous and another example of the discrimination against gay couples. I’ve tried to get the word out about this as well and have contributed to the fund for Glossip and his son.


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