Episode 359 Interview with Thom From Thom Takes on the World

On this episode of Ramble Redhead, this is a repost from the LIVE show I did a while ago with a fabulous friend and fellow podcaster Thom from Thom Takes on The world!! He is a great guy who has been listening to my show for a very long time and I was so delighted when he started his own personal journal show and have been a listener of his show from day 1! We talk about love, life and so much more and it will not be disappointed on what Thom has to stay!

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4 Responses to “Episode 359 Interview with Thom From Thom Takes on the World”

  1. Thom Says:

    Hi Tom!

    Thank you for posting the interview that we did last autumn. I almost forgot what I had said during it. You certainly make it easy to be interviewed. I appreciate the chance to share my heart with your listeners.

    For anyone that was not able to jot down the phone number to the Suicide Prevention Hotline, here it is: 1-800-273-8255 (TALK). You will never know just how many people out there that you have helped with their lives, Tom. Keep up the tremendous work. You are a great role model.

    Your grateful Nashville Friend,


  2. John Q. Public Says:

    Wow! What a sad story about the kid who found no solace or support and killed himself. It is so hard to believe that parents, friends, and f***ing church would turn their backs on him.

    I realize you are right about everybody has an opinion but I still don’t understand how any gay man could be a republican. Fiscal conservative, yes. Republican – never.

    I enjoyed Thom’s interview so much that I have subscribed.

  3. Michael Fein Says:

    It was a great pleasure hearing two of my favorite podcasters together for a interview! Great job on interviewing Our Nashville Friend Thom! We all love Ramble Redhead and Our Nashville Friend Thom! I love to listen to Ramble Redhead and My One And Only Favorite Nashville Friend Thom! Love You Both And Take Care My Lovies! From The Good Humor Penquin, Michael Fein.

  4. Brothercasey Says:

    You bugger! You had me bawling through a good portion of the show. I lost a few friends and loved ones from suicide. My eighteenth birthday was spent at the funeral for a cousin who the last words I said to him were “Get the fuck out of her face or I will fucking kill you!” He was acting violent towards my Mom. They were not gay, as far as I know, but that did not make it any easier. It also reminded me of the times I almost did myself in. And to top it off, you bring up Marley and Me. I was a mess at the end of that movie! All in all, it was one hell of a good episode!! Just maybe give us a bit of a warning?!

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