Episode 351 The Gift That Came Back

On this episode of Ramble Redhead, I give some shout outs to two people who sadly are going through a very tough time right now. I read a story about a very special person in my life.

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7 Responses to “Episode 351 The Gift That Came Back”

  1. Bodo (Germanbear) Says:

    really touching! it made me cry with you and made me also remembering the death of my own grandmother *hugs*

  2. Tara In Michigan Says:

    This was a very touching show Tom. I lost my Grandfather many years ago in mid-December. It reminded me of him and how much I miss him. Thank you for doing your show.

  3. Cliff in Atlanta Says:

    You are such a kind hearted loving man. I think that is what I love about listening to your show. Your kindness and caring is apparent in every show. The story about your grandmother was so sweet I too cried while listening. I know how difficult it is losing a loved one but special memories like that are truly priceless. Sending you and every one who is experiencing a lost or remembering a lost loved one during this holiday season love and hugs.

  4. Tim Corrimal Says:

    Hey Tom,
    Wow…what a heart felt and wonderful episode. You brought a tear to my eye.


  5. Michael Fein Says:

    This was a very touching and emotional show! It made me cry when I heard you crying! It is very painful when you lose many love ones from your family! I also lost my grandmother on my father side of Dementia! It has been 10 years since my grandmother passed away also on Christmas Day December 25, 1999! It has also been three years since my father passed away in December 12, 2006! I have a Aunt and a Uncle, both Grand Parents on my mother side and father side had passed away and my first stepfather passed away! I have been through the ringer of my family passings over the past years! It has been very tough but that is why that I am seeing a therapist!Love And Hugs This Holiday Season! Happy New Year Tom and Joe!

  6. kim beaver Says:

    This was very touching. I love you Tom xo kb

  7. John Q. Public Says:

    Tom — Thanks for thinking of me/us. Obviously I’m very behind in listening to my podcasts and today just heard your remembrance of Phil’s passing. I don’t know whether it is more difficult because he died Christmas Day, because we were in the middle of a horrible snow/ice storm which made getting to and from the hospital difficult, or the fact that I had left him about noon on Christmas day to go home and pick up some pieces there because of the family there. I hadn’t been home more than 20 minutes when his daughter called to say that he was gone.

    I always thought I would be there when he died but I wasn’t. He had been in a coma for two days and so he didn’t know that I was gone. The night before he went into a coma I kissed him good night. I didn’t know it was goodbye.

    I am still struggling with my memories of his last weeks as he was struggling so much to breathe. I want to get past those memories and remember the good times.

    Thanks for being such a sweetheart.

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