Episode 344 Interview with Christa & Farrah

3ofusOn this episode of Ramble Redhead, I had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people on the Sweet Cruise. On the first day at sea, they had a commitment ceremony and one of the couples was Christa and Farrah and it was an amazing experience. The super talented Edie Carey performed a beautiful song for the couples as well. I talked with these two about being on my show and they agreed – we instantly became friends and because of this couple I met two other couples that we bonded and so much fun for the rest of the trip!

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3 Responses to “Episode 344 Interview with Christa & Farrah”

  1. Christa Krenek Says:

    Thank you Tom for the awesome podcast! It was our pleasure meeting you on the Sweet Cruise. Thank you for podcasting us but we want to thank you the most for the gift of your friendship. You are truly a blessing! We miss and love you! xo

  2. Deji Says:

    Hi Tom, just finished listening to your episode with Christa & Farrah and i felt the need to express how much i enjoyed it, they sound like a great couple.

  3. epilonious Says:

    Thanks for interviewing Christa and Farrah, they were a lot of fun!

    I loved the story about the Ring in Connecticut!

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