Episode 324 National Coming Out Day Part 2


On this episode of Ramble Redhead, I tell you my coming out story as it happened many years ago. Even today as I talk about it I get emotional and realize how lucky I am when it comes to my family and friends. As many of you know for some they are not so lucky but as with many of my guests who tell us their stories – with time things will improve – people will finally realize that being gay is simply one part of who they are. So in honor of the National Coming Out Day and the National Equality March I hope that you will listen to my story and live your lives the best you can and to always be proud of who you are and never be ashamed.

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One Response to “Episode 324 National Coming Out Day Part 2”

  1. john q. public Says:

    I have heard parts of your story before but this was all of the pieces in an organized content. Your story about how the teacher treated you in class was so unbelievable. I would like to think that it is different today, but it isn’t very different in some places. This most recent story is shocking that the teacher got by with a slap on the wrist when he should have been fired or at least taken out of the classroom.


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