Episode 321 Interview with Hugh Yeman

hughOn this episode of Ramble Redhead, I have the honor of talking with Hugh Yeman, a true ally and the man behind a great site Meet Adam and Steve where he posts stories about members of the GLBT community to help put a face to the issues we deal with everyday.

One of the goals of his site is as he puts it I hope that this will help break some barriers, stop some ignorance within people, and help to spread a universal message of love.

He is a great advocate for us and hope you go to his site often!

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4 Responses to “Episode 321 Interview with Hugh Yeman”

  1. epilonious Says:

    Hee. I love the story of “it’s on bitch” and how it basically get Hugh into a rolling, long-term awareness campaign.

  2. john q. public Says:

    Really an astonishingly evolved individual.

  3. Hugh Yeman Says:

    Wow! I hardly know what to say. Thank you.

  4. Dane B. McFadhen Says:

    I was led to your site by a future boyfriend in Tokyo. I’m a gay writer in Vancouver, B.C., er…what do I call you?…Ram?
    Well, Ram, or Red, I like your site. You have people all over the world listening to you. That is a powerful responsibility. I’ve just finished a book on coming out in my time spent in China – Creative non fiction. I’m halfway through a second novel – Fiction. About a boy in Seattle and what happens in his life.
    Now is the time for my search for an agent then publisher. I will keep your site if you don’t mind. Or if this doesn’t work, then please send me your site onto my e-mail site – witnailed@hotmail.com

    Thank you for teaching the world and keeping gay as a ‘positive’ in the public realm.


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