Episode 319 Interview with Matthew Part 2

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On this episode of Ramble Redhead, I conclude the interiew with the fabulous Matthew aka Spanking Bea Arthur. He is truly a great guy and I am so glad to be able to get him on the show. We talk about a variety of topics and I know you will enjoy this!

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6 Responses to “Episode 319 Interview with Matthew Part 2”

  1. Matthew Says:

    I sound dorky. LOL!! This was fun!

  2. EricNYC Says:

    Great interview! I always wanted to know Matthew’s story.. I had the similar experience with my father,
    although he didn’t hit me, but he certainly made me feel like “shit.” Yeah, I do like hearing the real life stories from your fellow podcasters. I never heard
    about Weegies Meth addiction and it would be great to get him on the show.

  3. kim beaver Says:

    Well, once again I am amazed how RRH always gets to best people for his interviews 🙂
    If I hadn’t loved loved loved Matthew before, I would now.
    What a great guy!

    I like all his podcasts but my favorite definitely is The Big Gay Sex Show – it always cracks me up and I am whaling on the floor with laughter about what you gay guys do in and out of bed 🙂 Very inspiring 🙂

    Thank you Tom for another podcasting highlight!

    xo kb

  4. guru_nudie Says:

    Great couple of shows with Matthew! Thanks guys 🙂

  5. Nessa Says:

    I really enjoyed the past two episodes. Matthew is very charming and it was great to hear more about him. good job!

  6. john q. public Says:

    Great interview. I thought Matthew’s final answer to your question was spot on. It is very important that gay kids know the history of the gay movement and understand that the gains they enjoy have sometimes at a cost. I was shocked at the number of young kids who didn’t know who Matt Shepherd was.

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