Episode 314 Interview with Ben Mitchell

Ben2On this episode of Ramble Redhead, I have the honor of talking with the fabulous author Ben Mitchell for my LIVE show that I have every Tuesday at 9-11pm EST at www.pride48.com. He talks about his life growing up in the south, how he met his partner and of course about his amazing book called Without One Plea. bookcover2

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3 Responses to “Episode 314 Interview with Ben Mitchell”

  1. Thom Says:


    Loved your interview with Ben when I heard it live and again when I heard it on your podcast. Of course I am still your number one stalker. I love your show and I promote you where ever I go. I mention you on my latest episode and play your voice mail on it as well.

    I hope that you will find a job soon. My room mate was without a job for a while until he just found one. He will be moving out in a few weeks which will make me sad, but I am happy for him even though he has to move so far away to find employment.

    Keep up your awesome podcasting. You are a treasure beyond your understanding.

    Your Nashville Friend,


  2. Tracy Says:

    Hey Tom! Still catching up. It’s so hard to do now that I can’t listen uninterrupted at work. Anyway, it was great to listen to this show again, since I was there for the live one. Can’t wait to see who wins the book!

    Keep up the great work 😀


  3. JimK in Michigan Says:

    Loved the interview with Ben! It was so interesting hearing about his life and the new book. I just loved the line his friend told him: ‘Your closet has latch doors on it.’ I really identified with that since I’m trying to be more ‘out’ and not have secrets. I don’t shout it from the rooftops, but if someone tries, its not too hard to find out 😉 Ben sounds like such a sweet guy and so down to earth. You hit another one out of the ballpark with this interview, Tom. Love, Love, LOVED IT!

    Thanks buddy!

    Jim K in Michigan

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