Episode 300 Part 1

ramble300-4On this episode of Ramble Redhead, I reached the milestone of 300 episodes!! Here is the first part of the show and hope you enjoy it!

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9 Responses to “Episode 300 Part 1”

  1. Michael Fein Says:

    I love that picture of Ramble Redhead! A handsome adorable fella all dressed up in a suit and tie!I love the rainbow colors and the bubbles in the background! Congrats again on your 300th episode Mr. Ramble Redhead! From The Good Humor Penquin, Michael Fein.

  2. Michael Fein Says:

    David That Blue Jeans Guy Is crazy! That Blue Jeans Guy is touching himself naked 300 times! It was funny listening to it!

  3. The Chris Show Says:

    This was a good episode! Congrats on the 300!!! And That Blue Jean’s comment was hilarious although I didn’t record my reaction haha.

  4. Ramble Redhead Says:


    Thank you for your support and glad you enjoyed this episode. The picture was done by the fabulous Spanking Bea Arthur!

  5. Ramble Redhead Says:


    Glad you enjoyed this episode – it was so much fun to put together and I love David’s message as well – it was really funny!

  6. Nessa Says:

    Congrats Tom!!!

    I think your show is just fabulous!

    Uncle David should know his niece is rocking in the corner trying to get the mental image out of her head!

  7. David, That Blue Jeans Guy Says:

    Great work on the 300th episode, Tom!

    I’m wondering if my audio sequence will become the new “2 Girls and a Cup?”

    Here’s looking forward to the next 300!

  8. Terry Chicago Says:

    Congrats on your 300th episode. Great job. Nice artwork! I think we’ve discovered a new and exciting side of David.

    Terry & Tom

  9. kim beaver Says:

    Congratulations Tom!!! What an amazing effort – wow! You know that you are one of the greatest among us. I love you and your show. Never stop. xo kb

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