Episode 297 LIVE Interview with Kate Clinton

told_you_soOn this episode of Ramble Redhead, I did a LIVE show on July 14th and I had the honor of having Kate Clinton as my guest. We talk about a variety of topics including gay right, marriage, DADT, ENDA, Obama and so much more. She is also promoting her new book called I Told You So which you can buy by clicking the on the store link on the right side of my page.

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6 Responses to “Episode 297 LIVE Interview with Kate Clinton”

  1. epilonious Says:

    Oh, I love love love this episode…

    Kate Clinton is wonderful, and I really enjoyed her perspective on “e-friends”… I think that is one of the best friend analogies I can think of “If I get sick, are they going to bring me soup”

    I would suggest further stratification (but I’m an amatuer naturalist, so of course I would) to “‘would bring me soup’, ‘would help me move’, and ‘would help me move bodies'”. 🙂

    Cheers, Loved this show, thanks for putting it out there and keep on truckin’ towards 300 😀

  2. Jeremy Says:

    I really enjoyed the interview with Kate. She has a great grasp on the world and how it really works. Thanks.

  3. Tracy Says:

    I’m only half way through listening to this episode, and I just had to go ahead and comment. This is only the 2nd episode I’ve listened to, and I wanted to say I love your show. It makes me feel very involved in the community, even while I’m sitting at my desk in my cubicle.

    I do have one question. How often do you have trans issues featured on your show. Since I’m a new listener I don’t know how often its brought up here. As the partner of a pre-everything trans guy these issues (obviously) interest me.

    As you can see I ramble too, so I seem to be in good compamy here. One last thing, my anti-spam word is ikea, and that amusses me greatly.

    –Tracy (aka octopusouphut)

  4. Thom Says:


    Love your podcast and am continually amazed at the quality of guests that you have. Not only do you have great names, but also great content. I love to hear from these individuals and their take on what’s going on in the world.

    One day, soon I hope, we will have to do a joint episode (not meaning marijuana!) that we can both post onto our own podcasts. Just keep it clean! Wink.

    My very best to you and please send Joe my love as well!

    Your Nashville Friend,


  5. john q. public Says:

    I had not thought about the fact that there are a number of Clinton people in the Obama administration and the fact that Clinton got burned by DADT might be a significant factor for the slow and deliberate pace of this repeal.

    I do not want another example of the President trying to do something only to be crushed by the conservative borgs in the congress.

  6. JimK in Michigan Says:


    Loved the interview with Kate Clinton…she is one of my favorites among the guests you\’ve interviewed. She always has a unique take on things. She is so laid back, yet has such wonderful insights. You have a great rapport with her and it produces a great interview. Keep up the great work.


    JimK in Michigan

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