Episode 288 Interview with Thom of From Bostonia Podcast Part 2

thomnateOn this episode of Ramble Redhead – I conclude the conversation with Thom of From Bostonia podcast. He talks about his partner Nate and talks about how life was when they moved back to the states. He tells us the very touching story of how they decided to get married and an interesting thing had happened after they did. Just shows you how times have changed!

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I certainly wish Thom and Nate all the best and hope they will have a long and happy relationship together!

3 Responses to “Episode 288 Interview with Thom of From Bostonia Podcast Part 2”

  1. Zacery Nova Says:

    (they are such a cute couple)

    I love hearing about HEALTHY relationships within the gay community, it gives me hope for my life in the future and offsets the “whoring” that seems very popular amongst gay men.

    – Zac

  2. Matthew Says:

    Very nice interview. 🙂

  3. john q. public Says:

    I enjoyed hearing Thom’s interview. You got me interested in their show and I’ve gone back and listened to all of their podcasts as well. We know what kind of guy Nate is because he took a look at where Thom was living and said “you’re not doing this any more.” It is amazing and FAB-U-LOUS that they started living together after such a short period of time – I think Arthur’s story in NZ is the shortest I’ve ever heard of two guys committing to each other.

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