Big Fatty Meet and Greet

On May 23, 2009 – the international internet celebrity Big Fatty was in Chicago, Illinois for his Meet and Greet and this video shows you just a small segment of the fun and excitement that happened that day!

Big shout outs to Ms Lauren, John Haas, Noah from PNS, Brad from 773 Podcast, Listeners Terry and Tom, Omar and all of his funny and sexy friends who attended the event!

Click here to watch the video right now on your computer!


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  1. Thom Says:


    I love how you express yourself. You have a way of putting to words how you are doing in a way that strikes a chord with me. I hope that you will soon find the job that will satisfy your needs and wants in life. You are an incredible man and have a variety of talents so I am certain that you will find one soon. I’ll be thinking and praying for you.

    Thanks for being a great friend and supporter!

    Your Nashville Friend,


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