Episode 285 Interview with Daniel Choi Part 3

danielchoi3On this episode of Ramble Redhead listen to the amazing conclusion with Daniel Choi from a great organization called Knights Out. He is one of the founding members of this group that wants to see an end to the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy. It saddens me that so many great members of the military are being kicked out simply for them being gay. We all need to call or write to our representatives and tell them that we want this hateful policy to end and to end NOW. Get vocal – get active – we have to take the courage that people had 40 years ago at Stonewall to continue what they started and to never allow any member of the GLBT community to be treated ever again like a second class citizen!

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6 Responses to “Episode 285 Interview with Daniel Choi Part 3”

  1. Michael in STGT Says:

    Excellent interview. Dan is a very impressive and courageous man. DADT is a shame. It was very interesting to learn more about Dan’s background and him as a person. Good job again Tom.

    Dan, I also think that you are a cool guy ! I want that T-shirt,RR 🙂

    Good luck and best wishes from Stuttgart/Germany


  2. John Says:

    Superb job, Tom. Choi sounds like an impressive soldier.

  3. Tim Corrimal Says:

    It’s so awesome that you were able to get Daniel Choi on the show. I saw him on Rachel Maddow’s show and I’m so glad you were able to share such a wonderful detailed interview about his life and career with us listeners. I really hope he becomes the person who leads the charge to convince Congress and the White House to end this horrible Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. It goes against everything the Constitution stands for and it’s shameful that in today’s America we are still dealing with this issue.

  4. Thom Says:

    It is great to see that you have interviewed this true American Hero. He defended America and has sacrificed more than I will ever know. It’s sad to know that our country does not respect him for who he is and what he has done.

    Thanks to him for his service!

    Your Nashville Friend,


  5. Jane from Boston Says:

    What a great interview. Tom you did a great job. You gave Dan the time to tell his story his way.
    I am so impressed at how Lt Dan is taking on this fight. He is moving forward with truth, dignity and the strength of his conviction. That’s the way we progress as a species…. when one person of character stands up and says that we as a people, a nation are better than this. He’s the kind of person others will fall in behind. A true leader. I’m so proud that he is one of our own.
    Thanks Tom for all the time you put into your podcast. Young people are listening and you are making their road less lonely. We are all more of a community while listening to your podcasts

  6. john q. public Says:

    Finally, I got caught up with the podcasts. Saved a great one for last. Dan and his group are so admirable. Hopefully, DADT will soon be behind us. Hint, hint, Mr. President.

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