Episode 284 Interview with Daniel Choi Part 2

danielchoi2On this episode of Ramble Redhead – you will able to hear more amazing information from Daniel Choi from Knights Out.  In this episode we talk about his tour in Iraq. He talks about working with the other soliders and the people he met while serving in the Army.  He talks about how he finished the tour and how he met his partner at the time when he was in New York and so much more!

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2 Responses to “Episode 284 Interview with Daniel Choi Part 2”

  1. Tim in Tampa Says:

    What a funny, smart, sweet (and cute) guy. It really makes you feel good that we have someone like this out there representing. Hopefully the message will get across to everyone that we can’t be pigeon holed into stereotypes but really are from all walks of life with our own unique abilities, personalities and values. YAHH PINK TEAM! And of course Tom, great job as always.



  2. Michael in STGT Says:

    The military must not lose such great talented men and women like Dan. President Obama should keep his promise. DADT is stupid.

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