Episode 280 A Little Happier

On this episode of Ramble Redhead, I am a little happier and do a recap of the things going on right now.  From talking to a detective to wonderful support of great listeners like you and then I give some shout outs to fellow podcasters and the shows that I make an appearance on this week.  I end the show with an intersting article I found on the internet.

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That Blue Jeans Guy Podcast

Meat Free Radio

3 Responses to “Episode 280 A Little Happier”

  1. JimK in Michigan Says:

    Lucky for you you’re a vegitarian now…you won’t be tempted to try one of those cow-brain sandwiches…LOL Hope that’s going well for you. I’m sure it much be a challenge always finding something that fits the plan, but I know you can do it.


    JimK in Michigan

  2. Nessa Says:

    Derek is very much from the school of if he knows what it is, he won’t eat it. I have tried haggis and it tastes like meaty oatmeal. It wasn’t unpleasant, but I wouldn’t eat it again on purpose.

  3. Mark from MN ( Maple Grove) Says:

    Senor Red Head.

    Haggis is spectacular when done right. I only wish we could get the real stuff here! You should try it! oh yeah, Vegetarian. Sorry. Don’t try it.

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