Episode 277 Spreading My Mixed Nuts

025eOn this episode of Ramble Redhead I tell you about some crazy stuff going on and tell you about some new shows to check out and give you my two cents on feedback for a fellow podcaster.

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3 Responses to “Episode 277 Spreading My Mixed Nuts”

  1. Auntie Vera Charles Says:


    Tell it like it is kisses,

  2. john q. public Says:

    Thanks for suggesting “Tastes Like Burning.” I’ve listened to a couple of episodes and I think it will be a regular. Sound like really nice guys.

  3. Michael Fein Says:

    Hi Ramble Redhead!

    I am a new listener to your podcast show!I might say with the name like Ramble Redhead, you sound like a comedian! I have been mentioned several times of the emails that I sent to Live It UP with Wes Stone and Thom My Nashville Friend from Thom Takes On The World! They are my best friends in the world! I have been a loyal listener to all the podcasts of Live It Up! and Thom Takes On The World! I was listening to the interviews of Wes Stone and Thom My Nashville Friend! I also listened to your most recent podcast episode 277! I love TLA video .com. I have bought several dvd’s from them! I also like watching the Here channel better then the Logo channel! I do enjoy the jokes ! I love the humor that you bring to your podcast show! Hey Ramble Redhead, I am The Good Humor Penquin! It is Joke time! Federal Express And UPS have merged? They are now calling there company FED-UP! Paine Webber and Hertz Rent A Car have merged? They are now calling there company Paine-Hertz! I hope you enjoy these clean jokes from The Good Humor Penquin! Michael Fein.

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