Silly Starbuck

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5 Responses to “Silly Starbuck”

  1. Darcy Says:

    Very cute video…it kind of looked like he was stretching out a DNA helix at one point lol. I think that a cat pounce would have been the icing on the cake however or repeat just tapping him on the head lol.


  2. David, That Blue Jeans Guy Says:

    That’s so adorable. I wish my dogs would play that way.

  3. Jane from Boston Says:

    So so cute. I thought of the DNA helix too. It was great how he barked goodbye! Loved the close up of his pearly whites. What are you using for a vid cam?

  4. Casey Says:

    Ah, Starbuck is SO adorable. Makes me miss my Dog

  5. Thom Says:


    LOVED that video. I wish that I could capture just how silly my two Greyhounds are. There is no way that I could compare to that video that you made. What a totally loved dog!

    My new episode is up and ready for listening. I hope that you will enjoy it since I did mention you and your podcast. I appreciate you standing by me during this time.

    Your Nashville Friend,


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