Episode 275 Interview with David That Blue Jeans Guy

dsc00253On this episode of Ramble Redhead, I finally have David from That Blue Jeans Guy podcast on the show and he is ready to ramblized! He talks about his childhood in the south and his coming out to his family and his interesting way of meeting guys! He is a great guy and I am very glad we are friends. He and I do a weekly review of American Idol and you can listen to that on his show.

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8 Responses to “Episode 275 Interview with David That Blue Jeans Guy”

  1. David, That Blue Jeans Guy Says:

    Oh, so THAT was the “mystery podcaster” you were talking about on the American Idol Update! Thanks so much for giving me the full “Ramble Redhead Treatment.” I’m honored to have been included in your long list of illustrious GLBT celebrities whom you have had the privilege of interviewing.

    Thanks again!

  2. john q. public Says:

    I’m just listening to the beginning to this podcast, but David’s story about the total lack of acceptance by his family is so damn sad. The brother seems to be particularly despicable. It’s so hard to believe that people haven’t grown beyond this — it is 2009!!

    So sorry to hear about this David.

  3. Nessa Says:

    Well, the way I see it is that I am adopting David as my uncle! I am so happy to finally hear David on your show as an interview. I adore him tons and Liked getting to hear the stories on how he met his partner. Awesome show!

  4. Thom Says:

    Hi Tom,

    Yet another great podcast episode. I used to live where David was born: Erwin, Tennessee! How about that?

    David had a great life story that he shared. Thank you for the great interview.

    Your Nashville Friend,


  5. David, That Blue Jeans Guy Says:


    Thanks, and does that mean I have to be Big Fatty’s brother? Well, at least we both like ham…

  6. Michael Sage Says:

    LOVED LOVED LOVED the show. It was really great to hear how David met the partner and very sad to hear that his family still have not come around after all these years. Who knows… maybe one day they will.
    Hugs to David.

  7. Kandiland Says:

    I really enjoy the show. Sad at times, but felt David showed more of himself than ever before. He is very brave no matter what he says. Great Show.

  8. The Chris Show Says:

    Omg your “Oooooh Girl” was hilarious! haha. Loved this interview.

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