Episode 271 Interview with Dr Kimeron Hardin Part 2

n689382127_1049373_6671On this episode of Ramble Redhead, I continue my talk  with psychologist and author Dr Kimeron Hardin. I found his books a while ago and was amazed by his latest book called Loving Ourselves: The Gay and Lesbian Guide to Self-Esteem which is a truly amazing book. A week later I was listening to a great podcast called Alex and Dean Gay Men Talking and I was happy to see that they had him as a guest to help promote the book. I loved the show they did and knew I had to ask him to be a guest on my show.

In this episode he talks about his past relationships and the horrors he had with dating before he met his partner Brad (see picture) and the very romantic way it all began!  A very good awww story for you to hear!  He talks about how the two of them were married and what it felt like at the time and so much more!

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4 Responses to “Episode 271 Interview with Dr Kimeron Hardin Part 2”

  1. john q. public Says:

    What a handsome couple! There is something very reassuring about Dr. Kimeron’s voice. I can’t imagine that he wouldnt’ be a wonderful person to know. So, do they end up psychologizing each other?

  2. Mike/Darcy Says:

    I loved this episode along with part 1, it made me think alot when you both were talking about relationships and that if you look too much then you come off as rather desperate which I will admit is very true so I am simply learning to enjoy my own company and learn about this newer aspect of my life since if you cant love yourself then you can’t really love another.

    I am attempting to improve my photography and cooking and simply enjoying this ride called life.

  3. Jaymes in LA Says:

    Hey Tom,

    Really enjoyed these two episodes! I really enjoyed the story of his life, having been raised in a small town myself I found myself shaking my head in agreement as he spoke. I totally agree with what you guys said about people usually find someone when they are not looking. That is how I found my Patrick. I had been single for a while and very happy with my single life, I was involved in several things and had no problem with going places by myself. I remember I had just told my Mom the week or so before we met that I was very happy with my life as a single person and them Bamm!
    Patrick and I met the next week and this April we celebrate 9 years together!!
    Thanks for the great Podcast and thankf for having Dr Hardin on .
    Big Hugs…jaymes in la

  4. JimK in Michigan Says:

    Loved the interviews. I agree Dr. Kimeron has a very reassuring voice. I can’t wait to check out his books. I always enjoy these types of interviews and Dr. Kimeron was a great guest, very easy to listen to. His story was very interesting and I learned some stuff along the way.

    Thanks for the wonderful podcast, Tom!

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