Episode 267 The Wonderful Wes Stone

wesstoneOn this episode of Ramble Redhead, I have the honor of talking with Wes Stone. He is a fellow podcaster and I really enjoy his show so much. On this show he tells us about his coming out, his family and so much more. We cover some topics that people have been wanting to know and Wes will give us some answers!

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8 Responses to “Episode 267 The Wonderful Wes Stone”

  1. Casey Says:

    Another great episode!! So, you are finding guys boyfriends now. What about your fellow redhead, huh? hehe

  2. Jane from Boston Says:

    Great show. Wes is a cutie. Too bad about margaret Cho eh? Luv her!!! But I guess it’s good I only know her from the stage. She’s way into trans bois… did you know that? I know things.

  3. Michael in STGT Says:

    Fun show! Although I listen to Wes’ show since day one I have learned a great deal –

  4. kim beaver Says:

    Wes has always been my little ray of sunshine 🙂 I think I will name my next little puppy sheep “Missie Wes” in his honor. Miss Wehehehehehees 🙂
    When they are small you can carry them around as lap sheep – the only pain is to get them into your hand luggage when you fly – and unfortunately I have to travel a lot for the fish cannery. I tell them I need it to count to fall asleep.
    Tom, your show will always be a success with such great and funny guest like Miss Wes 🙂

    ps: why is my anti – spam word “ikea”? there is no ikea in Tórshavn!

  5. Thom Says:


    I’m once again impressed that you find the most interesting folks to interview. This handsome fella really opened up to you and I think that this is, perhaps, one of the best interviews that you have done.

    I appreciate you and your friendship.

    Hope to see you at Nashville Podcast Camp in March!

    Your Nashville Friend,


  6. Jaymes in LA Says:

    Hey Tom,

    As always, I really enjoyed the great show. I have been a big fan of Miss Wes since his first podcast. It was really nice to get to learn a little more about him, he sure is easy on the eyes!!!
    Thanks for what you do Tom, bringing us interesting interviews with fun people in our community!
    Big Hugs to you!

    jaymes in la

  7. Arthur (AmeriNZ) Says:

    Great show—two of my favourite podcasters together! Like Michael, I learned a lot about Wes that I hadn\’t learned from listening to his show (as I have since the beginning). Thanks for having Wes on the show!

  8. Michael Fein Says:

    This was a great show! I am a big fan of Wes Stone of Live IT UP! Wes is a handsome adorable funny fella! I love his stories of his personal life and his podcasts of Live It UP!

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