Episode 266 Interview with the Amazing ANT

ant2On this episode of Ramble Redhead, I had the honor of talking with the very funny comedian ANT. He talks about his growing up in New Hampshire, his coming out, and he began he work as a comic. I first heard about him when he appeared on one of my favorite shows Last Comic Standing. He talks about the experience and what he thought of being on the show and how it has helped his career on other reality shows as well. I laughed so many times talking with him and I know you will too. One of the things he and I both agree about is the wonderful responses from our fans to our work over the years. ANT takes calls from my listeners and holds nothing back on a variety of topcis. We talk about how he is a great role model to the GLBT community and how touched he is when he hears from his fans. It was especially true when he dealing with a very sad part of his life and how his fans showed their support this past November.

ANT is a great man and fantastic comedian and I am very happy he shared his story with me. Please leave a comment on this show asap!

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17 Responses to “Episode 266 Interview with the Amazing ANT”

  1. Mike .H/ Darcy .P Says:

    That was an awesome show and omg it was hilarious at some points, I loved it^.^

  2. epilonious Says:

    Heeee. I loved this interview!

    I loved hearing the stories of his family being slightly evil in a hilarious manner and loved hearing the idea of being honest making you a hit at comedy shows.

    It was a lot of fun, and I loved all the stuff I heard about. I sort of knew ant a bit from some of the Logo stuff, but now I really want to hoard a lot of his CD’s and try and find some of the celebrity fit club and last comic standing to DVR or buy.

    Thanks again Ramble, and thanks for being on the show ANT.

  3. David-That Blue Jeans Guy Says:

    I loved listening to the banter back and forth between Tom and Ant.

    He’s obviously a smart and funny guy who was willing to the many life lessons around him.

    One big issue though: how DARE he think he’s not that good looking? He’s hot!

  4. john q. public Says:

    I have to say that I was not familiar with ANT. After reading the Wikipedia entry about Richard, I looked up the tribute video to Richard. That was so lovely – and my heart was breaking as I watched it.

    Obviously ANT will be on my radar screen from now on.

  5. Casey Says:

    I LOVE Ant! He is such a funny man! I love his personality, and you get him to show who he really is in the interview. THis made me laugh out loud and brought tears to my eyes. Awesome interview!

  6. Lauren Says:

    “People can’t hurt you when they tell the truth.”

    I love, love, LOVED when he said this. Thanks for the wisdom, oh wise Ant! (=

  7. Jennifer Barthe Says:

    Great show. I found ANT to be very funny but also inspiring. I really liked his message, honesty, and humor.

  8. Nessa Says:

    Thanks for asking my question. I thought this was an excellent interview. Ant was very sweet, charming, and of course funny. Kudos, Mr. Tom!

  9. Michael Sage Says:

    Hey Tom,

    Thanks so very much for having Ant on your show. We really do need more Ants in our lives, to teach us how to laugh and how to be strong in the face of adversity. I’m been enjoying his work for years and I’m very grateful to live in the same city with him. Let me him know that he has many friends here in L.A. that he hasn’t even met yet in real life who love,adore and aspire to be more like him. He really is the best version of himself and I think that’s a lesson we can all take away from having been exposed to the Ant.

    Love to you both! and drinks are on me when we finally do meet Mr!
    (that goes for Tom & Ant)
    All my love and respect,

    Michael Sage

  10. Tim Corrimal Says:

    Great show with Ant. I really didn’t know much about him other than seeing him on a couple of episodes of the Logo Series. It was awesome to hear his story and see that an out and proud actor’s career is taking off instead of being snubbed out by the homophobic movie/tv industry.

  11. Cliff Dix Says:

    Ant is my hero. He was on my radar as a gay stand up comic. I only saw him on Celebrity Fit Club and his Logo show U.S. of Ant. I am now a super fan of Ant’s because of your interview. He is truly inspiring. His message of being honest with who you are is so very important for gay youth as well as all gay people to hear. Just be yourself and happiness will come out of it. Thanks again Ramble. Love the shows. Keep ’em coming from a fellow redhead.

  12. Thom Says:


    I laughed at the two of you chatting. It was a great interview hearing how Ant came out and is so “in your face” with who he is. It is great to see such a public figure be who he is.

    Did you chat with him on perhaps doing some kind of sitcom together? You had great comedic chemistry. Just curious.

    Your Nashville podcasting friend,


  13. Lois Lane Says:

    Great interview, thanks Tom & ANT!

  14. RitaB Says:

    I’m an Ant Colony member, Ramble, & I loved the interview! The questions were great and you are a great interviewer!

  15. JimK in Michigan Says:


    I was so looking forward to this interview and I wasn’t disappointed. It was one of your best. Ant was so honest, real, and down to earth. He had such humor, but was serious when that was called for. Thanks for asking my questions. Ant’s answers really touched me. I hope we see so much more of him in the future. Hopefully his future project that he eluded to will become a reality. Thanks for bringing him to us. Love your podcast. You’re still #1 ! ! !

    JimK in Michigan

  16. Tresa Says:

    Excellent interview.
    Ant is so funny.
    Yet his warmth and depth emanates.

  17. Lydia (squirrel pie) Says:


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