Episode 265 Interview with Brian Part 2

holiday2008500On this episode of Ramble Redhead, I have the honor of having Brian back on the show to talk about how he and his partner Steve adopted their son Darius. He talks about the process and how tough being a foster parent can be but no matter what he is glad he had the experience and how he is so glad he was able to get Darius out of the foster care system.

One of the amazing things is that I find it crazy how the state requires so much training for foster parents but nothing is being doing for straight couples in care for their children.

I think it is wonderful how there are so many GLBT couples who adopt children and giving them the love and support that these children need. Really inspires me!

One of favorite parts of this show is what they call the day they adopted Darius – listen to this great show by clicking here! The picture that is posted with this show is current picture of Brian and Steven and Darius.

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6 Responses to “Episode 265 Interview with Brian Part 2”

  1. Millie M. Says:

    Brian and Steven and Darius, you all have beautiful smiles! As long as there is LOVE and the kids get plenty of it people shouldn’t have a problem. I learned that the kids feel the same way.

  2. (F)reddy Says:

    Thanks for these interviews Tom.

    Listen, I understood the point you were trying to make when you comparing “straight parenting” and “gay parenting” training and how straight parents don’t need to go through the same process and so on. And I’m not splitting hairs here, but I want to point out, maybe clarify one thing. While I FULLY REALIZE you were talking about straight parents having children the “normal way”, I want to point out that the training process that foster parents go through in order to get their children IS NOT exclusive to gay parents. STRAIGHT PARENTS who go through the process of foster parent training are held to the same requirements. It’s not a process that’s punitive to gays.

    Appreciate you putting more info on gay parents out there, and especially putting out very valuable information about the foster system. Clearly, you know, these are both issues near and dear to me. It breaks my heart they had so many issues with the NY Foster system. The nice thing is their story shows everyone that the effort really is worth it in the end.

    I laughed about the “gotcha day”, cuz I just ass u med Jed and I were the only ones who did silly things like that!

  3. Joe G. Says:

    So glad that you interviewed Brian – he’s a great dad and a great partner to Steven. I’ve known these guys from the moment they started dating. How time flies. Thanks for including them in your podcast – they deserve the positive attention and support!

  4. Jennifer Barthe Says:

    Wow, that was a very realistic picture of the foster care system. I had no idea how complicated but yet rewarding to it could be. I was looking for information on gay adoption a few weeks ago, but could not find what I wanted. I’m glad this podcast has helped me fill the gap of infomrtaion I was seeking.

    Brian wonderfully shares his ups and downs, allowing the listeners to feel the depth of dedication and love he has for his family.

    I want to adopt a child in 3 years and the information given in this interview is invaluable to me. This podcast has really opened my eyes and my heart 🙂

  5. Mike .H/ Darcy .P Says:

    Those were amazing shows and honestly warmed my heart in listening, I wish all of them the best of luck now and in the future^.^

  6. Scotty Says:

    hey rrrramble.
    good show. thanks.
    i just called you; but dont think i left my name. Doh!

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