I love Sean Penn

This past Saturday as many of you loyal fans of the show know I am big movie fan especially of gay cinema. I am sure that you also know that the movie Milk has been on my list to see and I waited and waited for this film to arrive in my local theater. I was so excited when a friend told me it would be here on Friday so I made arrangements to see the movie with six others and it was so amazing! I was so moved by the brilliant cast and this amazing story of Harvey Milk and his goal to help the GLBT community for the better. Sean Penn did an amazing job and I was so excited to see that he won a SAG award for his performance and I wanted to share with you his speech.

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  1. Wilmaryad Ben Oscallas Says:

    I admire Sean Penn for having taken part in such an incredible movie! He turned out to be a charming actor and en even more charming man. I have seen him at the Cesars, the French equivalent of the Oscars, and he was disarmingly natural. I wish him more successes ahead. 🙂

    Your web page is brilliant. Rock on! 🙂

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