Episode 264 Interview with Brian

p3060014On this episode of Ramble Redhead, my guest comes to you via Twitter a social networking program. I had been talking with Steven and found some very interesting information about him and knew I had to get him on the show. Steven on the other hand volunteered his partner Brian to be in the hot seat and talk about some amazing things on how they met, what happened on their third date and so much more!

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4 Responses to “Episode 264 Interview with Brian”

  1. Mike .H Says:

    I liked the episode and gives me some hope for the future also makes me wonder I can find those cons at lol.


  2. Brian in Danbury Says:

    I can totally relate to the struggles your guest Brian and his partner have gone through as a gay couple.
    My parents are also estranged and have not accepted me as a gay man nor my relationship with my husband. 11+ years and they have not met my husband. We are also in the process of adopting a child via DCF here in CT and my parents are missing out on this too.

    Thanks for keeping us informed.

    Brian in Danbury

  3. john q. public Says:

    I love stories about gay daddies. It is so sad to hear of the estrangement with the family — they moved and didn’t tell him where they moved to? Are these people still in the Middle Ages?

    I just ran across this article about a couple of gay dads and their kids. It is a wonderful story http://www.burlingtonpost.com/news/article/230357

  4. Jennifer Barthe Says:

    I really enjoyed this podcast, especially as I am thinking about starting a family in a few short years. It was wonderful to learn about gay parenting, but also about the myths concerning romantic love. I though Brian was a wonderful guest and I look forward to part two. Thanks for the awesome show. It was wonderful as usual!

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