Episode 262 – Interview with Sabrina Matthews

On this episode of Ramble Redhead, I have the honor of talking with the fabulous Sabrina Matthews who is an amazing comic. She was a contestant on Last Comic Standing and I thought she did an amazing job and knew that I wanted to have her on my show. She talks about her coming out and how her family reacted, her start in comedy and behind the scenes with Last Comic Standing.

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7 Responses to “Episode 262 – Interview with Sabrina Matthews”

  1. Kandiland Says:

    This was a fun show. I hadn’t realized what all went into being funny. Thanks for the interview with Sabrina.

  2. MzGroomerZig Says:

    Thanks for interviewing Sabrina. I’ve always thought she was one funny woman.

  3. Nessa Says:

    Fabulous show Tom! I love that Sabrina was so open about how she figures out her stand up.

  4. epilonious Says:

    Much love for the sabrina interview.

    I very much loved her response to the “what would I say to my mom if she asked me if I was going to do anything inappropriate during their anniversary”

    That had me rolling!

  5. kim beaver Says:

    This was an amazing podcast. Sabrina is so cool and I love her!!!!! Excellent work, Tom!

  6. Tim in Tampa Says:

    Hi Tom,

    Well, you did it again. This one was right up there with the Vera Charles interview by way of quality and quantity of the comedy (hey, I’m a poet and didn’t know it). Good to see you hit the ground running with an outstanding show.



  7. JimK in Michigan Says:

    Hi Tom,

    I just loved this episode. Sabrina is great! Have heard her on a couple of other podcasts as well. You did a great job interviewing her. This one ranks up there among my top 5 of your episodes. This is the RambleRedhead show at its best 🙂 Hugs, Jim K in Michigan

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