Episode 259 Busy Being Cold

On this episode of Ramble Redhead, I ramble about the various things going on in my life:  work, weather, Joe and meeting other podcasters, television and much more.

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2 Responses to “Episode 259 Busy Being Cold”

  1. Brother Casey Says:

    I am done with this snow crap, it can go away now! Can’t wait for the next show!!

  2. Tim in Tampa Says:

    Where you speaking directly to me? I’ve fallen off the wagon so hard by way of training and diet I’ve got bruises! I hate the holidays to begin with and considering everything else going on, well, it’s been difficult to me mobile much less motivated.

    I keep trying to remind myself that “nobody wants to get in your pants if you can’t do it first”, but, it just isn’t working for me. However, I think your right. After doing for everyone else during the holidays it’s time for a “do for yourself” holiday. Maybe we should declare the first Saturday of January as “Positive Self Reinforcement Day”! We could even consider it out patriotic duty to boost the economy! Imagine it. All across the nation gays descend on day spas and demand the works!

    Just a thought,


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