Episode 254 A Night with Candy

On this episode of Ramble Redhead I ramble about the GLBT issues that were defeated on election and how WE ALL need to do what we can to make sure this never happens again. After my rants, I share the recording with the amazing Candy – a great friend and listener and her awesome friend Deb!

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4 Responses to “Episode 254 A Night with Candy”

  1. epilonious Says:

    I really enjoyed Candy on this episode. She sounds like a very cool woman.

    That, and when she held your hands down I realized how willing she was able to get herself close to danger (and laughed a lot). That’s a good way to lose a finger.

    Cheers, hope you are having a wondrous cruise!

    Also, I will be trying to sync my cookie delivery with your return (I finally got some boxes)

  2. Nessa Says:

    I love Candy! This was a great show, I loved hearing you guys interact and giggle 🙂

    Hope you are enjoying your cruise!

  3. john q. public Says:

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! I heard my name.

    What you say is true, of course, about things getting better. Still, the recent election losses on gay issues certainly took off a little of the joy of Barack’s win.

    As Keith Olberman said last night, Barack’s mother and father wouldn’t have been able to get married in 16 states in 1967. The fact that elements of the black community didn’t support us is very disappointing. I know they weren’t the main ones (thank you Mormons and Catholics for your continued lack of support) but it the lack of support from others who have been marginalized was particularly painful.

  4. Dean Colmes Says:


    I enjoy your show tremendously! You avoid the bitter politics that drives many of un non-American crazy! I am sure it drives sane Americans crazy too. I have listened to a few other podcasts recently and the childish one-sided political views are comical! So thank you for a quality show.


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