Episode 250 Feeling Free

On this Ramble Redhead episode I finally made it to Episode 250! I talk about the many things going on right now including the crazy stuff at work, Joe and I celebrating our two year anniversary and talk about an event that happened in my life that many of you long time listeners will appreciate hearing. I was very moved by what had happened and so thus the title of this show.

The above picture is of Mary Lou Waller and I went we attended the first Pride in the Park in northern Indiana – it was a fund raiser for the local GLBT Center and it was a great event with a great turnout!

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  1. john q. public Says:

    In listening to your discussion about your mom and the way she has come around was quite touching. I’m so glad you told them about the movie and that they went! Do you feel like this has made a difference with your sister as well?

    Congrats and best wishes to the boys on their second anniversary!

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