Episode 243 Amazing Racer Andrew Hyde

Listen as I talk with the incredible Andrew Hyde who was the youngest contestant on a show I love called Amazing Race! He talks about his life and his unique way he had come out to his family. He talks about how he and his father went on Amazing Race and gives me some details about the show I never knew and so much more! He talks about how he met his current boyfriend and then discusses some great new projects he is working on.

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4 Responses to “Episode 243 Amazing Racer Andrew Hyde”

  1. john q. public Says:

    Great interview. Boy, is this guy beautiful — in and out. His dedication to HIV education is so important. Your description of the video about the guys who were bug chasers is horrifying.

    Seventeen years old and HIV positive. How can we be going through this epidemic again?

    Great information.

  2. nessa Says:

    Andrew came off very sweet and intelligent. I really enjoyed this interview. It was exciting to hear how passionate he was about all the groups he is involved in. Well done Tom!


  3. Pauline Says:

    Great interview. I’m so impressed to hear such a young man having such simple and intelligent ideals.


  4. epilonious Says:

    I can not imagine scampering frantically through a desert. It sounds like he survived, and it’s a good thing too because he will probably make humongous strides for his groups and the world.

    Cheers, good for you for getting him on the show, Ramble, and good for you for putting so much good energy into the world, Andrew! You’re an inspiration.

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