Ramble Redhead Needs YOUR Help!

My lovely listeners of my show I need to ask for your help in two ways if you can:

First of all – a wonderful listener Mr Jim Kleinsorge from Michigan is going to be supporting an AIDS walk in Michigan and I would like to ask you if you would help him and his group Perceptions raise to this great cause!

Simply click HERE and then type in his last name of Kleinsorge and then donate whatever you can – we both would greatly appreciate it.

The other thing is that a great artist by the name of Jen Foster who was a guest on the Ramble Redhead show is in the process of appearing on a show called Austin City Limits and she needs votes to keep her in the number one spot! All you need to do is click HERE for the link and a page will pop up and all you need to do is click the VOTE NOW button and then type in your email address and enter the code and then hit send. They will send you an email to confirm the vote and you are done. The voting will end on August 22nd so you can vote once a day – so let’s support her on this endeavor!

One Response to “Ramble Redhead Needs YOUR Help!”

  1. JimK in Michigan Says:


    Thanks so much for your generous donation. I wish we didn’t need to have walks and fundraiser’s, but unfortunately HIV/AIDS is a part of our lives now and affects everyone in one way or another, whether it be ones self, family, friends, coworkers, etc. We have come such a long way due to support of people like you who are willing to help the cause, but there is still great need out there. I was so touched by your offer of putting a link on website for this walk. You are truly an awesome guy (I’m sure you must get sick of people telling you that all the time…hehehehe), but its so true. Thank you so much for your friendship and support. It really means the world to me.


    JimK in Michigan

    P.S. If anyone would like a direct link to my page, here it is:


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