Episode 237 Losing it with Taffy

Listen to this amazing weight loss with the great Taffy from Pod Is My Copilot! She gives me the exclusive on why she decided to lose the weight and I know this show will inspire you in so many ways!

Also special thanks to Gooch and Auntie Vera Charles for the messages at the start of the show!

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8 Responses to “Episode 237 Losing it with Taffy”

  1. (F)reddy Says:

    All I can say is “WOW”. For once I have no idea what to say.

  2. Taffy Says:

    Thanks again for the great interview!
    Love you, Love the show!

  3. Brother Casey Says:

    Taffy is one awesome lady. Her inner beauty has always been visible, and she was beautiful before the weight loss. She is gorgeous now. I am very happy for her being able to lose so much without the aid of surgery. I love striong women, and Taffy is one hell of a strong woman!! Kudos, great interview.

  4. Archerr Says:

    Taffy is SUCH an inspiration to all of us who need to get rid of some weight. I think she looks fabulous!

  5. epilonious Says:

    First off, how awesome is it that Gooch made an intro for you? I loved it and I am so glad that you got the limited edition Gooch-intro, you got to be there for the infamous John Goodman story, and you got a Taffy exclusive. I covet your podcasting luck!

    Second off, I loved this interview so much. It was wonderful to hear more about Taffy’s story and she is totally awesome.

    Finally, I don’t think anyone would ever accuse Taffy of hubris talking about her story… Mainly because she worked her ass off. She worked, she committed, she kept doing what she needed to do despite it being hard, despite it being scary, despite it hurting and tiring her out occasionally. Other people didn’t lose the weight for her… she wasn’t calling in sick and still getting muscle tone. She worked really, really hard, and got what she went in for.

    That is a story that should be told: Work really hard to get the thing you want, and you get it, and you felt better for it, and you are allowed to smile about it.

    I lost a bunch of weight when I was about 20, dropping from about 230 to 165…. and upon entering the corporate lifestyle of buttsit, I seem to have crept back to around 205. I used to be able to just use the DDR home game to make the weight melt off again… but then my knee started hurting and I injured it a few times trying to get back into the groove. Thus, I have been making all sorts of excuses like “I’ll wait until I can find Wii Fit” or “I’ll wait until my knee gets better”. I keep ‘forgetting’ things like “you don’t need to do high impact legwork to do a pull up/pushup” and “your knee doesn’t hurt so bad you can’t take a walk around the block”.

    Thus, I think it is finally time that I get over myself. Spend a half hour a day outside of the office, house, and car… forgo the “inhaling of the fridge” when I get home after a stressful day. I need to challenge myself. Taffy inspired me to do that.

    Challenge extended, challenge accepted.

  6. Tim in Tampa Says:

    I love this series and I love Taffy. Two great tastes that taste great together (ok, maybe not the most appropriate thing to say). Taffy has said herself that it’s strange to meet listeners, they seem to know so much about you and you have to make a conscious effort to remember if you talked about a particular thing on a show. I’ve never met any of their crew, even though we live so close, but I do feel I know them.

    With Taffy in particular you can almost tell everything from her eyes. Mischievous, full of fun and an honestly caring person. Her love of life just really shines through. Cross her and she’s strong enough to call you out, but for friends (yes, I heard the John Goodman story) she’s got your back. Her husband is a lucky man. The fact that it was her that was able to accomplish such a great thing makes it all the more wonderful. It’s really makes you feel good when something great happens to someone great.

    I was really struck me when Taffy made the comment that her motivation was vanity. I was thinking to myself “what’s wrong with that if it gets you where you wanna go?” It made me think of the film “American Beauty” particularly the scene where Kevin Spacey’s character is asking for workout advice. When asked what he want’s to accomplish his response is “I want to look better naked”. Hello! Can the hammer hit the nail any more squarely on the head! Health reason aside I think this is a great motivator and secretly something all of us want. I would love to be able to rip off my shirt in public and not worry and residual jiggling. Although if Florida it can make for a nice momentary breeze.

    Tom, I know you had reservations about doing this series but it seems to be a very popular one. I hope doing this encourages you to continue your training and to occasionally take a chance on your gut feelings for your show. This one really payed off and I think has moved, motivated and encouraged a lot of people. Realizing that saying “great show” is getting lame and over used, I’ll say you are “not” the gay Barbara Walter’s. You put so much more heart and soul into it I’m thinking your better.

  7. Pauline Says:

    Great Interview. It doesn’t matter if it’s about weight loss or just exercise for fitness. It’s nice to get a bit of inspiration. I’m needing it today. My walk to the shop today will be a slightly longer route again!


  8. Kandiland Says:

    This was an excellent show. Everyone has said everything that I wanted to say. I want to add my accolades to them. Great series!

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