Episode 236 Chip & Jonathan from QThunderboys Live

Listen as I talked with the two hosts from the great podcast QThunderboys Live. Please be warned that we had some Skype issues and there is some echoing or skypiness so hope it won’t be too crazy for you! You will probably be surprised just like i was as the three of us start this conversation. You will hear about their lives growing up and how these two lovebirds found each other and why they started the podcast and so much more! We conclude the show with some of their What the Fuck questions as well.

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8 Responses to “Episode 236 Chip & Jonathan from QThunderboys Live”

  1. epilonious Says:

    I really enjoyed this interview. Chip and Jonathan are sweethearts!

  2. john q. public Says:

    They are sweethearts. I will have to listen to their show because they had a great presence.

    Since I’m not out myself, I was very interested in the discussion about not being out. Since they are doing podcast, I can’t imagine that Chip will be able to stay in for much longer. As we know, nothing is really private on the Internet.

    Jonathan’s story about his first boyfriend being outed and being reported to his parents was sad.

  3. (F)reddy Says:

    WOW…you think you know someone. Who knew their personal lives were so much mo different than their on-air personas. While I understand’Chip’s point of view, and totally agree it’s his ultimate decision about what to do with his life, I also feel like they won’t know true happiness until they’re both honest with everyone. I wish them the best of luck.

  4. Brother Casey Says:

    Great show, my friend. I now understand the whole potato chip in front of the face thing. I love when you get to peak into the psyche of other people, which is why I am studying psychology. I love the QThunderBoys, and this interview helped me understand them a little more. Thanks, man!!

  5. Nessa Says:

    I love Jonathan and Chip and love my interactions with them. It was great to hear more about the people they are! Great interview!

  6. Jonathan Says:

    Hey Ramble…
    This HAS to be the best episode you’ve put out! LOL
    Thanks for interviewing us and posting it. You put out a great show every time and I am really enjoying catching up on your shows. I know it takes a LOT of work on your part to put out such a show.

    Anyways, thanks again.

  7. Arthur (AmeriNZ) Says:

    Great show, as always, Tom. You managed to persevere, despite the Skypiness. Well done!

  8. Archerr Says:

    This show answered so many questions I had about the QThunderboys. Now I understand so much about them. I have to agree with Freddy. I don’t think they will be completely happy until they are out. I came out a long time ago and realized how much I was playing a lie when I was around those who didn’t know. In time Chip will come to this realization. It takes time but you have to come out.

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