Episode 235 438 Reasons

Listen to this episode as I talk about things going on this week. The end of the show is the best part and you will see why the title of the show is all about!

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8 Responses to “Episode 235 438 Reasons”

  1. epilonious Says:


    I can’t think of it happening to a nicer person. Thank you so much for the shout-outs too.

    So now, I know, never ever sit down for good betting until you have an old lady with a smokers voice (the personification of a smoked ham, if you will… a veritable Cheryl Merkowski) says “good luck”. Those are the magical fairies of the casinos.

  2. (F)reddy Says:

    What a great story…even though I had already heard you won, I was on the edge of my seat as you were retelling about the actual experience. Congratulations Tom.

  3. LaLaLauren Says:

    Woo Jackpot! Don’t share with Joe, make him earn it (=

    thanks for the shout at the end of your show. I don’t know if this job is going to work out, but at least I have an interview! I need interview practice. And it will be nice to take a little trip to New York for the weekend. I will keep you posted.

  4. JOHN Q. PUBLIC Says:

    Be glad you didn’t get on the Archerr show. When he gets into his sex stuff – I’m outta there. I know, I know, I’m wierd. That’s what everyone else loves.

    YEA on the unexpected gambling bonus!!!

  5. MissMary The Sober Girl Says:

    I have nothing in particular to say other than I’m sending some love!

  6. Tim in Tampa Says:

    Congratulations Tom!

    Isn’t it funny how when life has you all poopy pants something unexpected comes along to turn it all around? It sounds like you really needed the pick-me-up so I’m doubly well please for you.

    Thank you for the mention as well. No sweat ’bout the pic. Just something I felt compelled to ask.


  7. Archerr Says:

    Just when I thought things were going poorly for you, you won all those credits. Way to go! Congrats!

  8. Arthur (AmeriNZ) Says:

    Okay, so I’m late to to the party (go with what you’re good at, I say), but I just wanted to add how much I enjoy these update episodes. It’s nice just catching up with what’s going on with Tom. Congrats on the win—I’ve never won a cent in a casino, but I never gamble more than $20, either.

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