Episode 232 Losing It with Wanda Wisdom

This segment is now back with a new special guest Wanda Wisdom. As you know Wanda has been a true mentor to me not only in the podcasting world but now with weight loss as well. It was only one year ago that Wanda started working out with a trainer and now she has lost over 60 pounds!! The pictures posted here can show how he/she was able to achieve the goals she wanted! The second picture shows the pants he wore a year ago and how hot he looks today!

We offer some tips on what has worked for us and how we want you to achieve your goals!

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8 Responses to “Episode 232 Losing It with Wanda Wisdom”

  1. Brian G Says:

    I found Ms. Wisdom hot before and now I find her hot after. Congratulations on the new you. Use it well.

  2. Lucky Bitch Radio with Wanda Wisdom » Listen to Wanda on Ramble Redhead! Says:

    […] I had the delightful opportunity to be a guest on the Ramble Redhead podcast.  We talked about weight loss and healthy living.  It was really a very thoughtful […]

  3. Wanda Wisdom Says:

    Thank you so much for having me on your podcast, darling! I’m so proud of the work that you’ve done sharing our stories with the world! Keep it up and keep it off! LOL

  4. Tim in Tampa Says:

    Excellent, excellent, EXCELLENT! Out of the park, home run! I’m really enjoying this series and this is the best one yet. Informative, funny, encouraging and really good advice. I especially love the advice about “realistic expectations”. Wonderful advice!

    I honestly believe that there are a lot of individuals out there that get discouraged by the examples of fitness that are provided. The perfect bodies and faces that are shown as incentive but often cause “real” people to wallow in self pity thinking “I could never be like that”. Well, maybe not. We all have different genetic make ups and often don’t have access to good photoshop work. But if you try for just a little, you may get surprised by getting a lot. Well done.

    I also appreciate that there were no bones (he-he, I wrote “bones”) about the fact that “yes, it is hard work” and “yes, you can’t eat just anything”. I’ve seen so many people try so many “fad” things. Often changing on a weekly basis. From my own experience, diet and exercise are the only, tried, true and safe ways. Get advice from a friend or personal trainer but avoid the latest thing on “book of the month club”.

    Finally, thanks for pointing out that it’s ok to be human. Your gonna eat some junk and your gonna miss some gym time. The important thing is to be able to forgive yourself and don’t stop trying. The “one day a week off” idea is great. I’ve read about it before and used it. It’s really great as a “pressure release”…………(he-he, snicker, snicker) ………for when you just gotta have that burger with blue cheese. Cheers all around and good job!

    Oh, just as an aside, I never though I would be turned on by someone named Wanda. Holy, “expletive, expletive, expletive, expletive, expletive, expletive, expletive, expletive, expletive, expletive, expletive, EXPLETIVE”, hot rocking bod!

  5. john q. public Says:

    Wow! I’m struggling to lose 25 pounds — but if I do I can’t imagine that I will look as pretty as Wanda does! You go girl!

  6. Archerr Says:

    Wanda is so wise and wonderful. She gives such great advice.

  7. Jonathan Says:

    I’m a longtime fan of Wanda’s, it was great to hear this interview. I’m impressed by the amazing transformation (it got me listening more regularly to her show again, early last year) and the best part is that she’s still the same fabulous Wandita, willing to share and spread…her story, far and wide!

  8. Matthew Says:

    I started listening to Wanda’s show after hearing your interview. This was a great show and very positive without being preachy. 🙂

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