Episode 231 Even More with Arthur Wooten

Here we go with part two with the incredible author Arthur Wooten as we continue to talk about his life and his upcoming film project that I can’t wait to see. You will also hear about who might be a future guest on the show (Please Arthur don’t tease me!) I would be so damn happy.

Arthur talks about the men in his life and each is a very interesting story as well. You get another exclusive to the Ramble Redhead show as he talks about the people that were talked about in his books.

We have a discussion about serious topics such as open relationships and threesomes are they good or bad? You decide! Let me know what you think!

Arthur tells me what lady from The View I am really like – do you agree?

We talk about his great books and he and gives us stories on Ant and Howard Stern!

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3 Responses to “Episode 231 Even More with Arthur Wooten”

  1. Tim in Tampa Says:

    Wonderful interview and I love the “goofy Tom” style. I’ll be checking out the books and looking for the magazine.

  2. (F)reddy Says:

    Why not read you short story on the air Tom?

    Great follow up.

  3. Pauline from New Zealand Says:

    Oh my! You gotta keep the silly voices. Great interview. Funny and informative and so was the Clinton and dolphin joke, well, THEY weren’t informative just hysterical. LMAO!

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