Episode 229 Gay Pride Part 2

Listen as I do a recap of the weekend of Gay Pride that I spent with Joe. I talk more about the meet up with the other podcasters and how we went to a few bars with them. The rest of the discussion is talking about the day of the Gay Pride Parade and I give you a complete recap of how the day went with some crazy and funny stories.

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5 Responses to “Episode 229 Gay Pride Part 2”

  1. (F)reddy Says:

    Interesting perspective on “pride”. There seems to be a disconnect from your description and the photos. The photos don’t seem at all dreadful.

  2. Kandiland Says:

    Hey there Tom, love the pictures and all the information.. fun and chatting.

  3. Archerr Says:

    You know I wouldn’t have eaten at that restaurant. You’re a bigger man than I am to sit there and eat. hehehe

  4. Tim in Tampa Says:

    Poor Starbuck! (LOL) Tom don’t you know by now pets are like children? Take them some where different or have new people over and you can always expect the same thing. “Look folks I got something to show you, MY ASS”.

    I’m sure the puppy will get better as it gets older. There may be a bit of the frisky energy overload going on. Gotta go break up my own now. The cat is teasing the dog again. “CHIIIILLLLLLDDDDDRENNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!”


  5. LaLaLauren Says:

    Its great to drink and have a crazy time and celebrate, BUT…I wish people wouldn’t disrespect themselves and fall over drunk in the street…I think you’re with me here–in my opinion, gay pride is about being proud because of who you are and who you have become…not about drinking until you puke.

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