Episode 227 Lynette Molnar Part 2

Listen to fantastic conclusion to the interview with Lynette Molnar as we continue to talk about a variety of issues that are facing our community right now.

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2 Responses to “Episode 227 Lynette Molnar Part 2”

  1. (F)reddy Says:

    I actually had a completely different reaction to this interview than I did the first one. I found this second part to be very divisive for the community. P-Town as an “all-gay 365/year party place” sounds absolutely dreadful. Do we really want to isolate ourselves? Or do we want to be inclusive? “Women of Color weekend”, “women of Sappho weekend”, “women with shaved vaginas weekend”, “women with one eye weekend”, oh…and just for good measure we have the “Holly Folly weekend” if the guys want to come along…or they can come to the “Daddy/son weekend”, or the “Bears who don’t manscape weekend”, or the “All-ball-gag weekend”. Seriously. Isolate ourselves further? That’s crap. I want to be included both within and outside of my “community”. When we’re so selective in our “community”, we’re anything but.

  2. ptown gal Says:

    sometimes it is good to mix and be mainstream… other times you want to be around people you can completely identify with… it is good for self esteem and letting go and replenishing energy levels. i think it is all a balance… it sounded to me like from holly folly, which is for everyone… to singlewomensweekend…
    there is something for everyone… and provincetown is one of the few places i have been to where everyone… gay, straight, bi, trans, black, white, and beyond… everyone gets along and can be themselves… there is always room for improvement… but mostly that is the case… kind of a utopia…

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