Episode 226 Lynette Molnar Part 1

Listen to this amazing interview with Lynette Molnar as she talks about how she became an activist at a very early age and how she has been a great asset to the GLBT community. She will tell you all about her life and the challenges and successes she has had over the years.

A savvy entrepreneur, promoter, professional photographer, and activist, Lynette Molnar is a woman whose presence and radiant optimism is felt throughout the LGBT community. From San Francisco to Provincetown and states in between, Molnar’s passion for social issues has compelled her to create hundreds of events for the community including a number of “firsts,” including the first ever gay and lesbian holiday festival – Holly Folly, Single Women’s Weekend, Women of Color Weekend, The Kiss-In, and the First Good Old Fashioned Lesbian Revival, among many others. She also co-curated the first international art exhibition on AIDS.

Molnar has also contributed to the community through her volunteer work with The Human Rights Campaign, GLAD, NCLR, and The Task Force. She is the recipient of numerous honors and awards including NGLTF’s Community Service Award. For Molnar, it comes down to social activism. “I’m really driven by social change,” she says, “and that passion has really fueled me my whole life.” Whole life indeed. In eighth grade, Molnar forced her school district, through Title IX, to offer intramural sports for girls. It was the same spirit that allowed her to come out of the closet at 15, to later serve on the Human Rights Campaign Board of Governors, to help lead any number of battles for lesbian and gay rights, and to create Girl Power Events.

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3 Responses to “Episode 226 Lynette Molnar Part 1”

  1. (F)reddy Says:

    Good on Lynette for forcing people to challenge their beliefs. Way to inspire. Go girl power, go.

  2. Brother Casey Says:

    Okay, I want more!!

  3. ptown gal Says:

    Totally inspired… coming out at age fifteen any time before 1990 is a grand accomplishment and a sure sign of a person with activisim in their spirit. Way to make a difference and make the world easier for future generations to come…


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