Episode 225 – Auntie Vera Charles – The Finale

Having Auntie Vera Charles on my show has been so much fun but sadly the ride has to end. Listen as Vera talks about the other actors that are true heroes for him and I can’t agree with his choices. We talk about how Vera began her podcast and it is a really interesting story and so much more. Make sure you listen all of the way to the end for a special song at the end of the show.

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8 Responses to “Episode 225 – Auntie Vera Charles – The Finale”

  1. Brother Casey Says:

    WHat an awesome triad of interviews. I will admit I did not really know who Auntie Vera Charles was before the interviews (I know, I am not a very good gay) but now my curiousity is picqued. Auntie is really, really, really, funny, and I enjoed the interviews very,very, very much!

  2. (F)reddy Says:

    For real, Vera speaks…volumes. Great group of interviews Tom…and VC.

  3. Nessa Says:

    I find Auntie Vera so amazing. He is a blessing in this podcasting community for sure.

  4. john q. public Says:

    I had not heard Auntie Vera before but I enjoyed listening to his comments. I like his exuberant personality but, being the romantic that I am, I particularly loved his references to his beloved Gooch. Sounds like a really nice guy.

  5. lauren Says:

    I loved hearing about the voice over career! I’d love to do that someday, it was inspiration for me.

  6. maupassant Says:

    Auntie Vera sounds fun to listen to, but imagine my dismay upon discovering that I can’t get her podcast unless I have iTunes. I can find no links to mp3 files on either her blog, or as enclosures in her feed. I mentioned the problem in email to her. She responded politely, but didn’t know what I was talking about, or how to fix it.

    I’ve unsubscribed from the feed. No point in continuing. Is some kind person willing and able to her out? (Since I don’t use a Mac and have never made a podcast I’m not able to help her at this distance.)

  7. TIm Corrimal Says:

    The interview with Auntie Vera was fabulous in all 3 parts. Wow, I am amazed at the wisdom Auntie Vera spouts and I always find it very useful in my daily life. Thanks so much for bringing us 3 episodes of fabulocity that just rocked and made me think about stuff in my own life.

    Keep doing what you are doing! RambleRedhead.com! Get IT!

  8. Kandiland Says:

    Ok, I just finished up listening to the podcast.. Oh I know it’s taken me awhile. But I love how well you two play with each other. (smirk) Fun and information what a concept!

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