My laptop’s hard drive is sick!

ADMIN NOTE:  I would like to apologize for the delay in getting this show out – this week I had issues with my laptop and it is being repaired.  I am hopeful that the laptop will be back on Friday and will be able to get back to normal at that point.

One Response to “My laptop’s hard drive is sick!”

  1. scotty Says:

    g’day tomy boy,
    thought i would stop buy and leaf you a wee message. i should be studying for my exam tomorrow, but … now is a good time to do something else. ha ha

    my 11 month old (crap) apple MacBook had hard drive failure last week too.
    how suspicious. was it software update that did it?

    gee the quality of apple products is going down this last 3 years.

    oh well.
    stay by your phone….

    Brisbane. *

    * i hope U say this right. not like Archerr

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