Episode 221 Interview with Adam Sank

Listen as Ramble Redhead talks with comic Adam Sank who recently appeared on NBC’s Last Comic Standing. We start off the show with very important topics like if my pubes are really red, does he manscape and guys at the gym and how good looking all of my guests are on my show! We finally get to business and talk about his growing up, the coming out process, his family and so much more. You will hear about his career choice by working at Fox and how much fun he had there.

Next we find out how he began his career into comedy and all of the many projects he has been working on. This includes the popular show Last Comic Standing and what his experience at the show was like and then we get to the best part he talks about his current partner and what is going on with this relationship.

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5 Responses to “Episode 221 Interview with Adam Sank”

  1. (F)reddy Says:

    The American Spirit he’s smoking in his picture makes him look incredibly S*E*X*Y. Now, I was a HUGE fan of LCS, and I cannot place him AT ALL. Was he on the season that died 3 episodes into it???

    Adam is a very funny boy. His coming out story was heartwarming. The story about his family and how supportive his siblings were and how it took his “liberal” parents time to ease into his announcement was very similar to many folks that I know, MANY.

    Lastly, Tom, you really seem to have hit your stride with your comfort level during these last few interviews. I’ve really enjoyed watching (listening to) you grow in this process.

  2. Brother Casey Says:

    Very hot guests, and then their was me, haha.

  3. john q. public Says:

    It is interesting that there is such a difference between being liberal about someone else’s kid than being liberal about your own kid being gay. I think even some gays are concerned to find out that their own kids might be gay. It just shows how far we have to go in our society because parents worry about the safety and happiness of their children.

  4. Montana Joe Says:

    Awesome show, Ramble! You’ve taken my favorite, hot, gay comic off the stage, out of the limelight and made him more real than ever! Okay…so Adam was already real…but he has always been my favorite comic…and the subject of many a drea….um…well, that’s for another show. LOL

    Keep up the incredible work!

  5. David Says:

    Adam Sank thinks the Fox News Network is “ultra-conservative” and just spreads lies. Has he ever paid any attention to the other cable news stations?

    I think Adam has consumed the same kool-aid his hypocritical parents drank.

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