Episode 220 The Brilliant Leslie Jordan

Listen as Ramble talks with the talented award winning actor Leslie Jordan! He talks about growing up in the south and how his family reacted to his coming out. He tells a very touching story about his father and a certain item he wanted for Christmas that you will not want to miss. He talks about how he went into acting and his work in commercials, television shows and of course movies! He has a new book called My Trip Down the Pink Carpet that is now available at all the various book stores and will be doing book signings all over the US and will have his one man show going on as well!

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19 Responses to “Episode 220 The Brilliant Leslie Jordan”

  1. (F)reddy Says:

    I find it interesting that Mr. Jordan doesn’t equate HIMSELF to that “role model” that he feels we need to have. “The lesbians have Ellen…, it’s time for gay men to have their own out role-model…” Many of us feel that HE’S equally qualified to be that for us. We don’t ALL need a young strappin’ muscle stud footballer for role-models. Not that I’d be opposed to one, I’m just saying. Give yourself more credit Leslie Jordan. I mean, seriously, Ellen ain’t no spring chicken! And from one old queer to another, I think you’re fabulous!

  2. epilonious Says:

    I loved this interview.

    Ironically I was on a Will and Grace Wiki-Tear a couple of days ago and got to reading about the Beverly Leslie character. I remember seeing the actor and being like “oh him, he is a great actor and always makes me laugh”

    Now I know he has a book and a movie and a show and I want to consume them all.

    What a wonderful man! Good of you to get him on the show Ramble!

  3. Casey Says:

    What a delight to hear from this hilarious man!! Great interview, Tom.

  4. maupassant Says:

    Thanks, Tom. I thoroughly enjoyed this interview.

  5. john q. public Says:

    He sounds very much in person like his character on “W&G.” Which is to say that as the four leads didn’t let the wealth go to their heads, he has this approachable, witty man.

    I hope his success continues to increase.

    And he’s right — vote, dammit!

  6. lauren Says:

    Loved this, he was a delight to listen to!

  7. Leeston Says:

    That was a great interview. I haven’t heard of your podcast until I heard about Leslie’s interview. I will certainly check back often.

    Thank you,


  8. Arthur (AmeriNZ) Says:

    Great interview! I loved listening to his stories and finding out a bit about the man who makes us laugh. And it’s great for him to support podcasts, especially since so many GLBT people are part of and listen to them. But it’s particularly great that he was on your podcast, Tom, because sooner or later some kid growing up in a situation like he did will hear this and think they really do have a future. Great stuff!

    And he’s definitely right about voting!

  9. JimK Says:

    Awesome interview! I’m so impressed with Mr. Jordan. I was especially touched by his story of the guy who said of the church ‘This is where we learned to hate ourselves’. It makes me wonder whether these people who say they are God’s children realize the damage they are causing. Also, the story of the bride doll brought back memories of wanting an Easy Bake oven for Christmas. I’m sure my Dad wasn’t happy about that, but I did get it.

    It was great to hear about Leslie’s work on Will & Grace. Plus, of my group of friends, I think I’ve seen Sordid Lives the fewest times at 6 viewings. Most have seen it more than me. I’m anxiously waiting for the TV series.

    I have to say that the advice Leslie gave at the end of the episode was about the best I’ve heard so far.

    Keep up the great interviews, Tom!


    JimK in Michigan

  10. Dann TheMann Says:

    First Time Listener !!! I hadn’t heard of “Podcast” until you came to Saginaw Michigan and spoke at the Perceptions meeting. I enjoyed learning about Podcast and what you’ve done to let it be known to the public. JimK recommended this interview, and I’m glad he did.
    Your interview with Leslie Jordan makes me want to hear more of them.
    I really enjoyed, not only what Leslie gave us in it, but the way you do your interview !! It’s as though we gave YOU the questions to ask. You didn’t miss a thing of importants. Thanks.
    I’ll listen to more of your interviews SOON !!!

    Thanks For Being There,
    Dann TheMann

  11. Archerr Says:

    What a great interview! Leslie is amazing. Who knew his life was so amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Fred V Says:

    Thank you for bringing us a WAY impressive interview with Leslie Jordan (even though I could not stand “Will and Grace” so I missed all of that! I’ve clearly seen him in other places where he stood out prior to that, though, so I was pleased all the same.).

    You’ve got a new fan in Wisconsin.

  13. Brian in Rochester Says:

    Awesome! I loved the interview with Leslie Jordan. He has been one of my favorites for a long time. He is who he really is and does not care. A very honest man.
    I releated to what he had to say. I too learned how to hate myself in church and it has taken years to relearn how to love myself again for who I am. I will be checking out his book soon.
    Ramble, keep up the good work!

  14. Cliff in Atlanta Says:

    Fantastic interview. So enjoyable, I listened to it twice. Being a Southern queer myself, I understand where he is coming from. I wish you and Leslie all the luck in the world.

  15. TIm Corrimal Says:

    This interview is one of the best interviews I’ve heard on any podcast in quite a while. Leslie Jordan is fantastic and he just makes me laugh. The way he interacted on the interview just made me giggle insanely and confirmed that he is not only a good person that I respect after seeing his performances, but also an actor who has his head screwed on right and knows what he wants to do with his career. I can’t wait to watch the new Sordid Lives series on Logo! Kuddos to Leslie Jordan and to Ramble for bringing us this fantastic interview!

  16. Donna Williams Says:

    Leslie Jordan made me laugh, and cry…tears of joy, really! What an incredibly kind man he is. He shows us all through example that by loving each other and ourselves for who we are we really can find happiness in this crazy cruel world. He is a true blessing.

  17. ifelicious Says:

    Great interview! I will be talking with him in a few weeks and am doing some more research. Leslie’s a great guy, natural sense of humor but knows how to hit the serious moments, too. I’m ordering his book to read over the next week and can’t wait to get it. Thanks for sharing!

    If you don’t mind, I would love to have your Leslie Jordan fans here support this upcoming interview by sharing fan comments and questions. I will link back to this post as well.


  18. Ralph Vendegna Says:

    I just listened to this show with Leslie Jordan on Wed 4/4/12. Like Wow grew up in Tennessee. Though he did not go into a lot about growing up there, and being 63 3 years older than me, I take it was super hard especially living in the bible belt. Like myself growing up in suburb 40 miles northwest of Chicago like no mans land. He sure has come a long way. I wish I had really gotten into watching Will and Grace show, it just did not really interest me. If my memory did not fade out, sounded like he really got going at age 27 but did not catch how old he was when he came out publicly. I new I was gay in the 6th grade having attraction to male teachers, and any man my eyes dropped on. Did not come out till Aug 2000. I just love listening to Leslie, wish he had more time for a longer interview. Tom I can listen to you forever, your voice is so calm and like you might have been on radio at some point in your life. I will listen to this broadcast again. Thank you so much for bring this Web Cast out to the community. I only wished I would have clicked into it when it started. Course Only have known you since Fabulos.fab.com. I love listening to peoples testimony of coming out and how they have progressed.

  19. Ifelicious to take a trip down the pink carpet with Leslie Jordan. Interview coming soon! | Ifelicious Thoughts Says:


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