Thirsty Bristow

Here is a short video of Bristow as he gets a drink – it is fun to watch him and hope you enjoy!

Or you can click here and watch the video this way!

6 Responses to “Thirsty Bristow”

  1. Auntie Vera Charles Says:


    And that video is WAY WAY up on my “that is TOO cute” list.

    Kitty loving kisses,

  2. Babbs Says:

    My cats drink from a cat fountain but they would never let me photograph them. You have one cool cat.

  3. Nessa Says:

    So adorable!

  4. Tim in Tampa Says:

    Hi ya Tom,

    I’ve been listening for a while but this is my first contact (yeah, I know,…..bad listener). This just really hit me. It’s soooooo sweet (oh! my teeth hurt, wonder what that’s about). My old “balls and chain” (yes, pun very well intended) and I have two cats and a dog. My boy cat, affectionately known as the “big dumb jock (got to love ’em) loves to drink from the tub also. Just made we think about him when I was having a bad day at work.


    Tim in Tampa

  5. Tim Corrimal Says:

    Fabulous video! Bristow is so cute! I loved it when our kitties got brave enough to actually get into the bathtub and play with the faucet when you turned it on just a little like that.

  6. VJnet Says:

    Sooo cute! I’ve been thinking of getting a new kitty. My past cat, Fluffy used to drink from the faucet, too. And I also used to have a kitty that liked to curl up and sleep in the bathroom sink 🙂

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