Episode 200 Part 1

dsc02940.JPGWow – another great milestone for the Ramble Redhead show – over 200 episodes and I have been so honored to have such wonderful guests on the show and the best listeners in the world! You will never know how much your support has meant to me over the years! The above picture is of Jim K a very loyal listener and you will hear more about him in this show!

Here is part 1 of the messages that I received as well as I talk about the show and so much more!

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4 Responses to “Episode 200 Part 1”

  1. Michael in Stuttgart Says:

    Wow – 200! Congratulations Tom!

    Best regards from Stuttgart 🙂


  2. lauren Says:

    Very cute show! Jim sounds like a great guy. Excited for Part 2!

  3. Jim K Says:

    Hi Tom,

    Just got done listening to your 200th episode and WOW! You did an awesome job on it. 200 shows is a great accomplishment and your love of podcasting shows through on them all.

    As I’ve told you in the past, your podcast has helped me grow in so many ways, but our meeting and the interview you played during this episode means so much to me. I would never have guessed that I would be interviewed for a podcast and you made it so easy. I was completely comfortable the whole time, even as shy as I usually am. I couldn’t have done that with just anyone, but you made it possible for me…you showed me I was capable of that which I thought I wasn’t. . That little interview may not seem like a lot to some, but for me, I feel like it has elevated me another notch on my rise out of my shyness. Thank you SO MUCH, Tom!!!!

    Again, congratulations on show number 200 and all the lovely listeners and I will be looking forward to many, many, many more!


    Jim K in Michigan

  4. (F)reddy Says:

    200? You don’t look a day over 50!

    Congratulations…glad to be a loyal listener.

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